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Unics-Production Company Mallorca

Welcome to Mallorca! We show you the best photo and film locations on the island and help you to organize your shootings!
Get grip, lightning, models, permits, props, staff and travel organization from one hand!

Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in event organization and a broad network of production providers on the island of Mallorca.

Who we are

Unics - The Company

Unics S.L. was founded in 2006 as a licensed full service MICE agency in Palma de Mallorca. It´s founders, Matthias Soeder and Catalina Matas, at that point already worked since 2000 in the event business on the island. Matthias, besides being the co-founder and board member of Unics, is working as a professional photographer since 2003.
During the last 14 years Unics has successfully organized more than 900 events, teambuildings, meetings and workshops for well known international companies.
In 2019 Cati and Matthias decided to channel the experience of and and launch a new product line to offer photo and film production services on Mallorca.

Matthias Soeder

Matthias was born in Liestal/Switzerland and raised in Germany. In 1999 he settled himself on Mallorca.
He is a photographer and has a master in business administration and speaks English, German and Spanish. 
As a licensed mountain and kayak guide he knows amazing outdoor locations for photo and film shootings on the island. In his freetime you will find him shooting surfers with his waterhousing or flying his drone.

Catalina Matas

Cati Matas is a true local. She was born in Palma de Mallorca and speaks Spanish, Catalan, German and English. She has a master in business administration and tourism and a broad experience in organizing business events. 
Cati is responsible for travel arrangements, adminstration and shooting permits. And she will always have a smile for you ;-)

¿What makes us special?

We have a very good knowledge of breathtaking outdoor locations on the island.

We personally know a lot of land owners and have a broad network of private properties for photo and film shootings.

We have a special focus and  interest in outdoor and adventure sport shootings.

Take advantage of our business travel background and partner with a legal and truly professional travel service.

We really love our job!